Structural Steel

Structural Steel is an important part of the Extreme Steel project Portfolio. We have designed, engineered and erected numerous Structural Beams and Columns for Domestic new builds, extensions and renovations and also Industrial and Commercial Warehouses and Factories.

We ensure to utilise safety compliant suppliers to source our structural steel and we can apply any surface treatment to our steel dependant on structural function or aesthetical visibility. All our steel material is locally sourced from our trusted supplier in Newcastle, Dublin.

Mobile Welding Repairs

Is your equipment suffering from wear and tear? Are there old or rusted steel structures that are causing a safety risk and are in need of repair? If so, then why not give Extreme Steel a call and we can provide expert consultation to eliminate your concerns. Our fabrication team can offer a mobile welding service which is second to none and we can recommend the most cost effective solution to your problem by repairing or replacing your damaged equipment.

Extreme Steel are frequently involved in the construction of structural wall and roof frames in a number of High-spec, A-Rated homes for our leading Building Contractor Client and we can also carry out more Industrial Type  portal frames and Mezzanine Floors for large structures.

These frames utilise a number of high strength steel components such as Universal Beams, Universal Columns,  IPE Beams, RSJ’s and PFC’s to provide structural support throughout the building or new extension.

The Steel Structural Frames can be secured by using Masonry Fixed connections, Steel Plate Bolting and On-Site Welding or a mixture of these construction techniques. We can work with the Main Contractor on delivering to a schedule and can provide Drawings where required.

If you are Building Contractor, a Carpenter who specialises in Attic Conversions or just someone who is planning on creating additional space in your home then Extreme Steel can offer you additional structural support for attic conversions and the highest standards in quality.

Extreme Steels manufactured I-Beams can be supplied in all necessary sizes and spans. Our Attic Splice Beams can be masonry fixed, welded or plate bolted to existing beams in your home.

We can offer either supply or supply and install to all our Clients depending on the project.

If you would like to extend your home or building, then Extreme Steel can offer you full design, fabrication and installation for goal post structures which will create the structural support to your new living/working space. We provide Structural Steel Supports for a whole range of Domestic and Residential Buildings. Our design and fabrication crew will ensure to accommodate our Client to the best of our ability.

Our Sunroom Frames will create additional space in your home while also supporting the existing structure. We can engineer your sunroom in a variety of steel frames i.e. surface treated heavy duty box section, Universal Columns and Beams or a combination of these systems.